Please find below our Terms of Use. They apply when using our Services and provide important information for you as a User.

General Information


Your access and use of the Services constitutes your agreement to be bound by these Terms.

If you do not agree to the Terms, you are not authorized to mine on If you are an individual who is entering into these Terms on behalf of an entity, you represent and warrant that you have the power to bind that entity, and you hereby agree on that entity’s behalf to be bound by these Terms, with the terms “you,” and “your” applying to you, that entity, and other users accessing the Services on behalf of that entity.

Intellectual Rights

All results of intellectual property and any information posted on the administration servers, as well as project accounts on third-party resources (such as,, etc.) are protected in accordance with the current legislation of the users country of residence. The above objects are protected information and all rights therein are and shall remain ErgoMIners s property. We grant you a limited, non-exclusive, non-sublicensable, revocable, non-transferable license.

How to Use

The Ergominers. Com information system allows you to participate in mining of crypto assets and receive rewards commensurate with your contribution. To start mining on, you need to create a valid crypto asset address, as well as configure your computing devices for mining on servers. You can access detailed statistics on mining typing your address on the mined crypto asset page.


Information provided by you is confidential. We collect your IP addresses and the addresses of your crypto assets, as well as browser type, device type, location, requested URL, time of visit. However, we never show the addresses of crypto assets and do not share any information about you with third parties.

Fees and Rewards

The reward is transferred to your address immediately as soon as minimum payment threshold is reached. Payouts below the minimum threshold CAN NOT be made. supports 2 types of reward calculation - PPLNS (when block is found, payments to users are made according to the share of their contribution) and SOLO (block reward is fully received by the user who found it). We reserve the right to reset inactive addresses balances (365 days from the moment when mining was stopped). charges a fee from your rewards, fee is written on crypto asset page. Any prohabit of user in hashrate my be make user account band or recalculated.


We guarantee stable Services except stuff not depending on us: DDOS attack, hosting providers failures, crypto asset code failures, crypto asset network failures

In the case of abuse of sending deliberately wrong job solutions, administration reserves the right to block attackers, freeze their payments, reset the balance and also not to accepts new job solutions from them (both correct and incorrect).